Paul's Around Australia Trip 2011

Leg 1 Pittwater to Brisbane


Grant Walker

Rob Stevenson

Michael Yelf

Cam Davidson

We departed on Saturday at 11am, went across to the Basin to finish stowing gear.

Stomach moving with the rythym of the yacht. Bit of a challenge I must admit......

There is a strong wind warning and we have a small jib and no main doing

6 knots. Big swell but we are running with it.

This is a first. (Offshore near Yamba) writing an email with the  yacht’s wireless.

Hope it works.(it did webmaster)

Highlights includes (ldolphins with us for 45 mins and crew getting on great).

Low point – coming into Coffs harbour breakwater with a huge swell up our bum – then engine spluttered and stopped. I felt we could touch the rocks. Sail up and then sailed in to an anchorage (no way we could manoeuvre into the marina.

Changed the filter (lots of gunk)   and next morning after lots of checks discovered the primary intake was clogged!

Now running fine. Then to Manly. I decided to give  Brisbane river a miss as no facilities after the flood. About a 30 hour trip.

I will send details.

Julie fruit cake a hit. Fights over Mias Anzac Cookies.

Storms from south look dark so wet weather gear tonight.

No fish yet.

Now motoring off Moreton Island  as we could not get through the Broadwater in day tides and we felt going through so many channels at night was too big a risk . This means 20 hours and another night passage rather than 8 hours. Seas calm and no wind so motoring. Coffee and  Julies cake was a yummy afternoon tea. We are planning to anchor around 0100 at the Tangalooma wrecks have a swim with Eta at Manly mid day Sunday.

We dropped Mike off at Southport Yacht club where we spent the night. Today a new crew (Cam Davidson) for the short hop to Moreton Bay.

The Coffs Harbour to Southport leg was 155  miles and took 25 hours and was a wild ride. . BOM forecast 25 knots with the comment that gusts up to 40%. Well we averaged 30 knots with nothing under 20 and gusts to 40knots. Quite a few squalls and often visibility  down to zilch. No main sail and a pocket handkerchief genoa still has us averaging 6 knots over the ground.  We are all richer for the experience and  Guinevere behaved well.

Mike Yelf gets the sleeping  prize! Amazing. Heads hits the pillow and that is it.

Meat pies in the oven is the popular diet. For colour steamed snow peas.

The marinas are good and reasonable price. Eg $40 to $50 per night which gives the berth and shower etc. At Southport the beach was a short walk and we found the shops near by where bacon and eggs and coffee where munched down.

I have found it hard typing down below when wind is up but ok now. All of our tummies are more stable but crew are not happy about writing up log!

Highlight so far. Dolphins with us for nearly an hour. They played like kids. Just beautiful.

Low light so far. Engine snuffing out just as we entered the Coffs Harbour breakwater with waves crashing due to big swell. Crew responded well and world record broken to get Genoa up and we sailed into the harbour. Crew said skipper was calm and handled it well. Little do they know. Suspected cause of the blockage was old fuel from Lord Howe island trip which grew bugs and clogged filters starving engine of  fuel. Now have new filters and bug killer in fuel and a fresh tank of fuel.

Thanks everyone for the farewell. It was a lovely send off and much appreciated. Ian and Pete paddled with us to the Basin where we stowed the gear and went through the safety list. We sailed through the night and stopped at Newcastle  around 0100. A short sleep and then picked up Mia for the Port Stephens leg. Dinner at the fish co op. The dalbora marina is very central and facilities first class. It was $85 per night.


Larger Photo Behind
Larger Photo Behind